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Waldegrave School wishes Uma B good luck this evening at the grand final of Jack Petchey’s ‘Speak Out’ Challenge at the Cambridge Theatre#SpeakOut — Waldegrave School () July 8, 2024


Big thanks to for hosting an inspiring careers event! This collaboration underscores the value of school partnerships in guiding students' futures. Looking forward to more inspiring opportunities together!— Waldegrave School () June 21, 2024


Our Year 12 Sociology students had an eye-opening trip to the Old Bailey, witnessing high-profile cases and learning about the criminal justice system from a serving magistrate. A valuable experience ahead of our Year 13 Crime and Deviance topic!— Waldegrave School () June 21, 2024


🎵 Welcoming the talented choir students from Brunsbo Musiklasser, Gothenburg, Sweden! 🇸🇪 Our Chamber Choir had a fantastic time hosting workshops and performing together. Special thanks to Mrs O’Brien and Patrik Wirefeldt for a memorable musical exchange!— Waldegrave School () June 21, 2024


We’re delighted to announce the results of this year’s emagazine Close Reading Competition. Congratulations to the winners, runners-up & whole excellent shortlist! Read all about it here!— English & Media Ctr () June 14, 2024


This is a fantastic opportunity to grab some great quality second-hand uniforms at amazing prices. Not only will you save money, but you'll also be contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly community. 🌍💚See you there! 🏫✨— Waldegrave School () June 13, 2024


🌟🤝 Our Student Parliament members spent the day at becoming trained Anti Bullying Ambassadors through the . Proud of our students for their insightful contributions!— Waldegrave School () May 22, 2024


🇫🇷 Our Year 10 French students have returned from an incredible 4-day weekend in Paris! From iconic landmarks to delicious crepes, it was an unforgettable trip!— Waldegrave School () May 22, 2024


More people than ever will vote this year! 🌍🗳️ Professor from captivated our students with insights on the upcoming elections, emphasising the importance of political engagement, even if you can't vote. You're never too young to shape your future!— Waldegrave School () May 22, 2024


Our music students have returned from an amazing trip to Lodi, Italy with the European Youth Orchestra! 🎶🇮🇹 They enjoyed rehearsals, met the mayor, performed in a concert, and explored Milan. A huge thank you to everyone involved for making this experience unforgettable! 🌟— Waldegrave School () May 14, 2024


Our Year 9 students are doing an amazing job sharing their Theatre in Education skills!📚🎭 Yesterday, they performed at Archdeacon, , and . Tomorrow, they'll visit . Best of luck to them! 🌟— Waldegrave School () May 14, 2024


After a journey by plane, coach, and train, our talented musicians have safely arrived in Lodi, Italy!🇮🇹 We're proud to be representing Richmond Borough at the European Youth Orchestra in Lodi, Italy, alongside students from France, Germany, Italy, Romania, and Portugal🎶— Waldegrave School () May 10, 2024


After a journey by plane, coach, and train, our talented musicians have safely arrived in Lodi, Italy!🇮🇹 We're proud to be representing Richmond Borough at the European Youth Orchestra in Lodi, Italy, alongside students from France, Germany, Italy, Romania, and Portugal🎶— Waldegrave School () May 10, 2024


Enjoy the long weekend, Waldegrave! 🌟 Just a reminder that Monday is a bank holiday, so there's no school. Relax, recharge, and we'll see you bright and early on Tuesday! ☀️— Waldegrave School () May 3, 2024


Our Eco committee, with Sarah & Gaby from , began phase 1 of our replanting project in Digby Court this week to celebrate Earth Day! Huge thanks to Let’s Go Outside and Learn and our supportive for making this possible!🌍— Waldegrave School () May 2, 2024


🌟 Our Year 8 students had an enlightening visit to the Buddhapadipa Temple in Wimbledon! 🙏 They explored the serene gardens, learned about Buddhist worship, and even experienced meditation firsthand.🌿 🏛️— Waldegrave School () May 2, 2024


🧠✨ Our Year 7 and Year 8 students took on the UKMT Junior Mathematical Challenge yesterday! 📊💡 Encouraging problem-solving and mathematical reasoning, they embraced the challenge with enthusiasm.— Waldegrave School () April 26, 2024


🌟Our Year 10 students had an inspiring trip to in central London for a World of Work event! They learned about interview skills, post-GCSE options, and networked with young professionals from the Worshipful Company of .— Waldegrave School () April 25, 2024


Friendly reminder to all parents who signed up for our exam stress workshop: It is taking place today at 6:30 PM! 📚 We look forward to seeing you there!— Waldegrave School () April 24, 2024


📢 Exciting news! Our Spring Term Magazine is out now! 🌸 Dive into the latest school updates, student achievements, and more. Read it here:— Waldegrave School () March 28, 2024

Peer Pressure - What It Is, What It Does and Why Girls Experience It More Than Boys.

Peer Pressure - What It Is, What It Does and Why Girls Experience It More Than Boys.

Most of you will have experienced, or will experience peer pressure at some point in your life, but it is most ordinarily found in teenagers. This is because they are going through lots of changes, alongside schoolwork, exams, and the usual trials and tribulations involved with being a teenager. They also now have social media to contend with too. Peer pressure is when you are pressured into doing something by your friends that you would probably not have done otherwise. For example, it could be that someone started vaping because their friends were doing it. Or even just going to a party you didn’t want to go to. Either way, it’s a very common situation and it is good to learn about it and how to cope.


Peer Pressure - Causes and Situations

 Peer pressure mostly occurs when you're with friends or in a group of people. Trying to be popular is one of the main causes, along with fear of rejection and just the fact that humans naturally want to be liked. 

People can be pressured  into doing many different things: drinking alcohol, going to parties, watching movies for older adolescents and even things as bad as drugs and sex. ‘Love to Know’claims 55% of teens tried drugs for the first time because of pressure from their friends and 70% in another survey said that they started smoking because of other people. According to The Canadian Lung Association “My friends smoke’ and ‘I thought it was cool’ are two of the most common reasons people start smoking.


Girls and Pressure

Did you know, girls experience more peer pressure than boys? Many studies show this. 32% girls felt pressure about their body image vs 19% of boys feeling pressured. Also, 24% of girls vs 17% of boys felt peer pressure to           do better in tests and school. 


Interviewing  a Safeguarding Leader

We interviewed a safeguarding leader from Waldegrave School about peer pressure.

What is the most common thing people are peer pressured into? - I would think friendships - being friends with people you don’t like and not being friends with someone. 

Why do you think girls experience more pressure than boys? -  I used to work at a mixed school and I would probably agree with that statement. Though boys have pressure not to lose face but girls want people to be on their side and don’t want to fall out with their ‘friends’.

Why do you think peer pressure and anxiety has increased over the years? - People take it more seriously now that it has a name and people are more willing to talk about it. Also because of social media and phones, you know all the great things people are doing. This encourages you to compare yourself.


Peer Pressure Can Be Beneficial

But peer pressure needn’t be all bad; there are positive effects of it. Here are some of the positives that peers can influence;


  • Inspiring positive choices

There are plenty of different ways teens inspire others to do things, for example if there was a volunteer project and some people were doing it, other people who weren’t going to might end up participating

  • Offering moral support

Teens often have a lot of stress and through social media they can see that others are going through the same things and this can make them feel better

  • Sharing new experiences

Trying new things can be hard, so it’s often helpful for teens if their peers are trying new things. This encourages them to do the same.


Peer Pressure and How To Help

Peer pressure is inevitable; everyone experiences it. But there are ways to help and deal with it. First, you could talk to a trusted adult or friend and ask them for advice. They could help you decide what to do next. You could also talk to the person/people who are pressuring you and tell them how it makes you feel and tell them to stop, they might understand where you’re coming from and stop but they also might not. A big thing that would work is just not hanging out with the people who are doing it to you and make friends with similar values to you. This makes it less likely for peer pressure to happen to you again.


Peer pressure is very common so if you get it don’t feel alone. Hope you found these tips and information helpful!