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Welcome Ed! FUEL camp is free for children in Kingston and Richmond who are in receipt of free school meals


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How far Girls and woman have come our . have changed WOMANS FOOTBALL FOREVER 🏆⚽️🤩 If you have a daughter, niece, granddaughter, pupil, and girl with dreams then sign them up at


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We're offering a free webinar to all students who will be transitioning from sixth form or college to university this autumn. Find out what to expect in this period of transition, as well as strategies for students to manage their own wellbeing.


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We are hosting a pop-up event from 4-7pm on Monday 25 July with and for . Everyone is welcome, particularly parents, guardians and teachers. ℹ️


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Parents and carers can learn strategies for supporting their child with anxiety before exam results day in one of our free webinars:


We love nothing more than losing ourselves in a good book! 📖 Over the summer we challenge you to read as many books as possible & even try a new genre or author. Check out for tips & reading lists to suit all ages


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, if your child is feeling anxious about the move from primary to secondary school, 's may help:


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The tragedy at Taggs Island underlines how dangerous the river can be. The council & partners can only do so much but preventative measures, like fences at Teddington Bridge, have been torn down Parents need to treat this as seriously as drugs and knives and warn their children


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Please do not go in the river. To all young people, in particular, we urge you to be the person in your group of friends who says no and reminds others about the dangers.


Extremely generous book donation from & to our library as part of our commitment to diversify our A Level curriculum. Incredible range of young adult & literary fiction, non-fiction and poetry, all from BAME writers and thinkers 🙏


We are so proud to have achieved this and of the wonderful students who participated.


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We were delighted to award WCSQM reaccreditation to the World Class students last week - very well deserved


Y7 maths students studying Probability were tasked with putting events on a washing line to describe how likely they are to occur. They had a great time discussing the different events.


Thank you to who came into school today to tell students about the FREE action-packed 6 weeks of sports, arts, music, fun, educational and developmental based activities available to young people aged 9 to 19. Book your place at:


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Congratulations to all your girls from across both teams who took part today - played some great football across the tournament & with an excellent spirit


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Congratulations to all the girls who took part - excellent representatives for their school & in the way they played across the competition


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Popular social media app Snapchat has been in the headlines recently. Take a look at our shareable graphic, highlighting the key features of the the app, the risks involved and our tips for keeping young people safe. Download the resource here👉


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Fab celebration girls schools tournament in collaboration w Thanks to all the schools who came down Well done to one of our Barnet partner schools Mill Hill County for getting to the semi-final Congrats to for winning the final 🙌🏾🙌🏻


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Well done to for winning the girls euros competition today ! Brilliant!


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Congratulations to the girls on a fantastic tournament! 👏🐝



Literacy Across the Curriculum

At Waldegrave School, we aim to help students be successful in their future, whatever path they take. Students learn to express themselves in writing and through speech, to listen to others' viewpoints and communicate effectively.  All teachers are involved in raising students' literacy and our students have plenty of opportunities to develop their reading,  writing and speaking skills across the curriculum.


Reading Lists

We have put together recommended reading lists for each Key Stage and would encourage all students to try as many new genres and authors as possible.  Your local library is great place to find these texts as well as local bookshops.

Suggested Reading List for Years 7 & 8

Suggested Reading List for Years 9 & 10

Suggested Reading List for Years 11, 12 & 13

Carnegie and Greenaway Medal Shortlist Texts


Tips to Improve Literacy


  1. Read widely.  Reading a range of texts regularly can help with vocabulary acquisition, spelling and learning rules of grammar.  Don't be afraid to stretch and challenge yourself.

  2. Find and read books that you're interested in and enjoy.  If you're reading a book you don't like, stop reading it and swap it for one you do like!

  3. Before writing, talk about what you're going to write.  The act of planning it, and especially if you vocalise it, helps you articulate your ideas ready for writing.

  4. Keep a journal.  Journaling helps you organise your ideas and thoughts, and reflect on your experiences. The more you write the more experimental you will become with your writing.

  5. Read through your work carefully, using a checklist of things you know you need to improve on.  It might be the basics such as capital letters and full stops, or it might be more complex elements like structuring your sentences for effect.

  6. Practise your spellings.  Some spelling rules can be really tricky to understand and learn.  Use your knowledge of phonics to sound out the word, or use the 'Look, Cover, Write' technique to check or learn the spellings.

  7. Keep a log of new words that you learn and try to use them in your talking or writing.  You may find that once you learn a new word, you'll start seeing it everywhere!

  8. Ask a friend to read your writing and make suggestions for you.  Someone else may be able to spot things you haven't seen and be able to make suggestions to improve your work!


  1. Read with your children.  This lovely routine doesn't need to stop when they go to secondary school!  It's so beneficial to your child's development and a great opportunity to spend time with your child.

  2. We believe 'Choice and Chat' is a great way to help your child's reading. They can choose books they're interested in and you could have a weekly chat with them about what they're reading.


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