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This bank holiday is looking like it's going to be a sunny one ☀️Please be aware of the dangers of jumping into the River Thames during the hot weather and share this information widely so we can all enjoy the river safely. ℹ️— Richmond Council () May 26, 2023


This week our Y8 students were lucky enough to visit the Buddhapadipa Temple in Wimbledon. They were welcomed by a Buddhist monk from and were given the chance to explore the grounds and participate in a meditation 🧘 Thank you for having us!— Waldegrave School () May 26, 2023


Ever wondered why we dream? 😶‍🌫️😴Prof from delved into the realm of sleep & dreams, and enlightened psychology students on what they could expect if they studied this intriguing topic at uni. 🙏for a fascinating talk!— Waldegrave School () May 24, 2023


Prof Chevalier spoke to Y12s about the interdisciplinary nature of revealing fascinating connections. From fantasy football league selections to societal decisions, economics offers valuable insights into our world.#criticalthinking— Waldegrave School () May 24, 2023


Politics students attended fascinating talk at the on 'Poverty, Populism & Hope in the 21st Century' by & also met - a perfect blend of brilliant minds of academia and the inspiring youth of Waldegrave students. 🙏— Waldegrave School () May 22, 2023


Children and young people with SEND (aged 11 to 25 years) in Kingston and Richmond are invited to the first ever SEND Youth Forum on 1 June.…Email for more information or to book on.— AfCLocalOfferKingstonRichmond () May 22, 2023


Germany Day 3: Phantasialand fun! Mr Isted and Ms Jackson LOVED it - as did the students! Fastest rollercoaster in Europe was a winner 🇩🇪— Waldegrave School () May 21, 2023


Day 4 and our European musical adventure has come to an end. Amazing playing and standing ovations, proudly representing Richmond and the UK— Waldegrave School () May 21, 2023


On concert day in Fontainebleau and students performed a programme selected by the six participating countries. Mrs O’Brien conducted PompAnd Circumstance no. 4— Waldegrave School () May 21, 2023


Day 3: We’ve been making the most of breaks from rehearsing for the big concert later. Carousel, ice cream and a royal wave from the Palace! 🍦🇫🇷🎶— Waldegrave School () May 20, 2023


Day 2: Köln. Fantastic weather, town tour, cathedral climb (589 steps!), boat cruise on the Rhein, shopping time and the Lindt Chocolate Museum. Not wasting a minute! 🇩🇪❤️— Waldegrave School () May 19, 2023


Day 2 and our students met their fellow musicians. Outstanding playing from all. It will be an amazing concert tomorrow! 🎶— Waldegrave School () May 19, 2023


Ten students have travelled to Paris then on to Fountainebleau, ready to represent Richmond in a European Youth Orchestra this weekend. Bonne chance! 🇫🇷🎶— Waldegrave School () May 19, 2023


Our Y12s had a taste of uni life this week at where they attended lectures and a campus tour. It has got them thinking about all the exciting options open to them after their A Levels! Thank you to all the fantatic St Mary's ambassadors & for hosting us!— Waldegrave School () May 19, 2023


Year 10 Germanists have arrived in SUNNY Boppard on the banks of the river Rhein and, after a 4am start, everyone is still in excellent spirits. Let our German adventure begin! 🇩🇪🌞😊— Waldegrave School () May 18, 2023


Big day ✅ Well done to all Year 13s who completed Paper 1 today! Onto the next one— Miss Flanigan () May 17, 2023


Incredible achievement 👏🏼— Waldegrave School () May 17, 2023


School is much quieter this week as we have now also said goodbye to our Y13s 👋🏼 On Friday Y13s celebrated their last day of lessons whilst dressed in their Secondary School uniform, a classic Waldegrave leavers tradition✨#LastDayOfSchool— Waldegrave School () May 16, 2023


The time has come for our Y11s to say goodbye as they leave to prepare for their but they couldn’t go without saying farewell in style!On Wednesday we saw a parade of fantastic costumes from iconic TV and movie characters to MPs and more.— Waldegrave School () May 12, 2023


As term time drew to a close to make way for this year's A Level exams which kickstart on May 15th, Waldegrave Year 11 students capped off a memorable year with the school's standout annual tradition, 'Dress Up Day'.— Twickenham Nub News () May 11, 2023



Literacy Across the Curriculum

At Waldegrave School, we aim to help students be successful in their future, whatever path they take. Students learn to express themselves in writing and through speech, to listen to others' viewpoints and communicate effectively.  All teachers are involved in raising students' literacy and our students have plenty of opportunities to develop their reading,  writing and speaking skills across the curriculum.


Reading Lists

We have put together recommended reading lists for each Key Stage and would encourage all students to try as many new genres and authors as possible.  Your local library is great place to find these texts as well as local bookshops.

Suggested Reading List for Years 7 & 8

Suggested Reading List for Years 9 & 10

Suggested Reading List for Years 11, 12 & 13

Carnegie and Greenaway Medal Shortlist Texts


Read With Me initiative

All form groups across Y7-Y10 will now participate in the ‘Read with me’ scheme as a fun way to promote reading for pleasure amongst our students. Each year group will have a different book, and all forms within a year group will follow along the same book, with their tutors reading aloud to the class.
CLICK HERE to see which stories each year group will kick this scheme off with.

Tips to Improve Literacy


  1. Read widely.  Reading a range of texts regularly can help with vocabulary acquisition, spelling and learning rules of grammar.  Don't be afraid to stretch and challenge yourself.

  2. Find and read books that you're interested in and enjoy.  If you're reading a book you don't like, stop reading it and swap it for one you do like!

  3. Before writing, talk about what you're going to write.  The act of planning it, and especially if you vocalise it, helps you articulate your ideas ready for writing.

  4. Keep a journal.  Journaling helps you organise your ideas and thoughts, and reflect on your experiences. The more you write the more experimental you will become with your writing.

  5. Read through your work carefully, using a checklist of things you know you need to improve on.  It might be the basics such as capital letters and full stops, or it might be more complex elements like structuring your sentences for effect.

  6. Practise your spellings.  Some spelling rules can be really tricky to understand and learn.  Use your knowledge of phonics to sound out the word, or use the 'Look, Cover, Write' technique to check or learn the spellings.

  7. Keep a log of new words that you learn and try to use them in your talking or writing.  You may find that once you learn a new word, you'll start seeing it everywhere!

  8. Ask a friend to read your writing and make suggestions for you.  Someone else may be able to spot things you haven't seen and be able to make suggestions to improve your work!


  1. Read with your children.  This lovely routine doesn't need to stop when they go to secondary school!  It's so beneficial to your child's development and a great opportunity to spend time with your child.

  2. We believe 'Choice and Chat' is a great way to help your child's reading. They can choose books they're interested in and you could have a weekly chat with them about what they're reading.


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