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Waldegrave School wishes Uma B good luck this evening at the grand final of Jack Petchey’s ‘Speak Out’ Challenge at the Cambridge Theatre#SpeakOut — Waldegrave School () July 8, 2024


Big thanks to for hosting an inspiring careers event! This collaboration underscores the value of school partnerships in guiding students' futures. Looking forward to more inspiring opportunities together!— Waldegrave School () June 21, 2024


Our Year 12 Sociology students had an eye-opening trip to the Old Bailey, witnessing high-profile cases and learning about the criminal justice system from a serving magistrate. A valuable experience ahead of our Year 13 Crime and Deviance topic!— Waldegrave School () June 21, 2024


🎵 Welcoming the talented choir students from Brunsbo Musiklasser, Gothenburg, Sweden! 🇸🇪 Our Chamber Choir had a fantastic time hosting workshops and performing together. Special thanks to Mrs O’Brien and Patrik Wirefeldt for a memorable musical exchange!— Waldegrave School () June 21, 2024


We’re delighted to announce the results of this year’s emagazine Close Reading Competition. Congratulations to the winners, runners-up & whole excellent shortlist! Read all about it here!— English & Media Ctr () June 14, 2024


This is a fantastic opportunity to grab some great quality second-hand uniforms at amazing prices. Not only will you save money, but you'll also be contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly community. 🌍💚See you there! 🏫✨— Waldegrave School () June 13, 2024


🌟🤝 Our Student Parliament members spent the day at becoming trained Anti Bullying Ambassadors through the . Proud of our students for their insightful contributions!— Waldegrave School () May 22, 2024


🇫🇷 Our Year 10 French students have returned from an incredible 4-day weekend in Paris! From iconic landmarks to delicious crepes, it was an unforgettable trip!— Waldegrave School () May 22, 2024


More people than ever will vote this year! 🌍🗳️ Professor from captivated our students with insights on the upcoming elections, emphasising the importance of political engagement, even if you can't vote. You're never too young to shape your future!— Waldegrave School () May 22, 2024


Our music students have returned from an amazing trip to Lodi, Italy with the European Youth Orchestra! 🎶🇮🇹 They enjoyed rehearsals, met the mayor, performed in a concert, and explored Milan. A huge thank you to everyone involved for making this experience unforgettable! 🌟— Waldegrave School () May 14, 2024


Our Year 9 students are doing an amazing job sharing their Theatre in Education skills!📚🎭 Yesterday, they performed at Archdeacon, , and . Tomorrow, they'll visit . Best of luck to them! 🌟— Waldegrave School () May 14, 2024


After a journey by plane, coach, and train, our talented musicians have safely arrived in Lodi, Italy!🇮🇹 We're proud to be representing Richmond Borough at the European Youth Orchestra in Lodi, Italy, alongside students from France, Germany, Italy, Romania, and Portugal🎶— Waldegrave School () May 10, 2024


After a journey by plane, coach, and train, our talented musicians have safely arrived in Lodi, Italy!🇮🇹 We're proud to be representing Richmond Borough at the European Youth Orchestra in Lodi, Italy, alongside students from France, Germany, Italy, Romania, and Portugal🎶— Waldegrave School () May 10, 2024


Enjoy the long weekend, Waldegrave! 🌟 Just a reminder that Monday is a bank holiday, so there's no school. Relax, recharge, and we'll see you bright and early on Tuesday! ☀️— Waldegrave School () May 3, 2024


Our Eco committee, with Sarah & Gaby from , began phase 1 of our replanting project in Digby Court this week to celebrate Earth Day! Huge thanks to Let’s Go Outside and Learn and our supportive for making this possible!🌍— Waldegrave School () May 2, 2024


🌟 Our Year 8 students had an enlightening visit to the Buddhapadipa Temple in Wimbledon! 🙏 They explored the serene gardens, learned about Buddhist worship, and even experienced meditation firsthand.🌿 🏛️— Waldegrave School () May 2, 2024


🧠✨ Our Year 7 and Year 8 students took on the UKMT Junior Mathematical Challenge yesterday! 📊💡 Encouraging problem-solving and mathematical reasoning, they embraced the challenge with enthusiasm.— Waldegrave School () April 26, 2024


🌟Our Year 10 students had an inspiring trip to in central London for a World of Work event! They learned about interview skills, post-GCSE options, and networked with young professionals from the Worshipful Company of .— Waldegrave School () April 25, 2024


Friendly reminder to all parents who signed up for our exam stress workshop: It is taking place today at 6:30 PM! 📚 We look forward to seeing you there!— Waldegrave School () April 24, 2024


📢 Exciting news! Our Spring Term Magazine is out now! 🌸 Dive into the latest school updates, student achievements, and more. Read it here:— Waldegrave School () March 28, 2024


The health, safety and wellbeing of our students is of paramount importance to all of us at Waldegrave School, and underpins everything we do. We have a well established team-approach to safeguarding, which is seen as a whole school responsibility, and encompasses all staff, governors, volunteers, visitors and contractors. You may access our safeguarding and child protection policy via the school policies page.

The additional tabs on this page provide a host of information on specific safeguarding issues, which you may find useful. Emergency contact details are provided below.

Reporting concerns

If you have a concern about the safety of a child please contact the school or the relevant local authority Children's Services. Contact details for Waldegrave School and for Richmond and Kingston are provided below:

Waldegrave School

The designated safeguarding lead (DSL) is: Ms S Moore
The deputy designated safeguarding lead is: Mrs K Williams

Heads of Key Stage are:

  • Mr I Goulbourne (KS3)
  • Mrs A Dhir (KS4)
  • Mr J Bannister (KS5)

The nominated governor for safeguarding is: Ms Celene Gillies

Any safeguarding concerns should be reported to Ms S Moore, Mrs K Williams, or the relevant Head of Key Stage immediately.

Outside school hours 

Outside school hours you should contact:
Richmond and Kingston Children’s Services  Single Point of Access team 020 8547 5008 / 020 8770 5000. 

CEOP (Child exploitation and online protection)

CEOP exists to keep children safe from sexual abuse and grooming online. If you, or someone you know, has experienced online sexual abuse, or you are worried that it is happening, you can report this safely and securely through the CEOP link button at the bottom of each page of this website.

If a child is in immediate danger please call the police on 999

Whole school approach

The starting point of our safeguarding policy is that every adult in the school is responsible for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of our students. All staff undergo annual training and refresher courses to familiarise themselves with their safeguarding responsibilities and with the policy and procedures dealing with safeguarding. We have a comprehensive system of support in place for our students, which includes tutors, student support officers, phase leaders, a family support worker and school counsellors. The aim is to identify any student at risk of harm as early as possible and to protect that student from harm.

We are guided by, and fully compliant with, the government document Keeping Children Safe in Education 2023 and its definitions of harm (neglect and physical, emotional and sexual abuse) and of safeguarding issues which include: 

  • online safety 
  • mental health 
  • child criminal exploitation 
  • radicalisation 
  • substance abuse 
  • peer to peer abuse 
  • domestic abuse 
  • honour based abuse.


Ms S Moore Designated Safeguarding Lead and Mrs K Williams Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, via