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We love this illustration by about how to tap into your happiness chemicals! From a bike ride to simply hugging a family member there are lots of ways to increase the amount of happiness chemicals your body produces. Anyone fancy a piece of dark chocolate? 😌


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If you feel as though you're at a loss for where to turn as a parent during these difficult times, we're here to help. Parent Talk offers free, down-to-earth information and advice for parents of children aged 0-19.


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🌟Reminder🌟 The Kingston and Richmond Youth Council want to hear from you! The link is:  The survey closes this Friday- 7th August 2020.   Have your voice heard! 🗣


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Happy Thankful Thursday! The trick is... when you are feeling glum... take a closer look.. there really is ALWAYS something to be thankful for 🙏 The BEDROOM that I have to tidy. 🙏The FOOD on the dishes that I have to clear off the table 🙏 The SUN that I have to shade from


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Have you checked out yet? This week the playlist encapsulates the term RESILIENCE 💪🏼 We love it! Go check it out on and search Kooth_uk. 🎧


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Wake up and do all that you can... stay happy stay safe stay motivated be the best version of you. There is a hub of resources on our website (link in our bio) on the ‘find help’ tab to support you for


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A new youth survey has been launched looking at the health and wellbeing of children and young people during the pandemic. Have your say:


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Join us for our FINAL Living Room Session of the summer tomorrow at 6pm! It's our biggest session yet featuring RMT students from The Russell and The Queen's School, Kew🎶 Set your reminder now:


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After so much upheaval in children's lives recently, alongside we've put together a 'Restorative Thinking and Positive Relationships' course for parents & carers on how to manage conflict at home over the holidays and beyond:


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Many children will be spending more time online this summer as they stay home and social distance. If you want to talk to your child about the risks of sending or receiving nude images, click here:


Thank you! 😊


We’ve finally reached the end of the weirdest and most difficult of school years. Our students and staff have shown remarkable resilience and adaptability and we’re so proud of them. We wish all of our Waldegrave families a very well-earned break. Have a great summer!


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This Covid-19 guidance for young people is made BY young people 😃 This fantastic, informative illustration was drawn by in collaboration with the . We think its brilliant... check it out! 👀


Waldegrave summer concert is here! Enjoy😊


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Young people living or studying in Richmond - please tell us what you think about your wellbeing. Complete our survey for a chance to win £50!


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Did you know... some of the fantastic youth centres in Richmond & Kingston boroughs are now able to run bookable activities at their centres😃 Places are limited (for reasons of safety) so we suggest you head over to their Instagram pages or the AFC website and check it out!


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The Kingston and Richmond Youth Council want to hear your voice! They are interested in what you think about: 📌your local area 📌your school 📌your safety 📌thoughts around the COVID-19 The survey link is


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My daughter's headteacher wrote in her school report that she was bossy. She was 6. I asked how many boys had the word bossy in their school report & wasn't given an answer


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We have a great selection of brass, guitar, piano and vocal performances featuring in tonight's Living Room Session! Tune in to see RMT students from 🎶 Join us at 6pm:


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[NEWS] Families in Richmond upon Thames are being urged to check if they qualify for free school meals. Check if your family is eligible: 🍽️

New To The School

We like to welcome all of our new students to the school in Year 7, we are conscious that students come for a large number of different primary schools.  There is a careful induction program for students which aims to prepare them for secondary school and ensure that they have fun, enjoy learning and get into great habits early on in their time at Waldegrave.  A specialist Head of Year 7 leads the students in their important first year.

We hope your daughter feels warmly welcomed into our community and is enjoying the start of her time with us. The aim underpinning all that staff do at Waldegrave is for each student to fulfil their potential. As a consequence of this, we place pastoral care as a high priority. To ensure your daughter is best catered for, both pastorally and academically, we assign your daughter a House and form class.

Pastoral care is led by a Head of Year, each Head of Year is supported by a senior member of staff.  The Head of Year teams are;


Senior Leader

Head of Year


Mr Isted 

Y7 - Mr Greaves



Y8 - Ms Granat



Y9 - Ms Larsson


Mr Sharp

Y10 - Mrs Shires



Y11 - Mrs Bashford-Hynes


Mrs Gonzalez

Y12 - Ms Pugh



Y13 - Mr Bannister

In addition there is an active House system, the aims of our the houses are to promote:

  • Participation: There are many ways for students to participate. For example: through leading within a House/Tutor group; collecting and logging house points, taking part in competitions or contributing to an event on sports day.
  • Responsibility: The organisation around house activities creates opportunities for students to take on responsibility. Taking responsibility builds self-confidence and develops leadership skills. Opportunities include: planning events; planning assemblies; preparing notice boards and House page on Frog; motivating others to participate; leading a team to achieve a common goal.
  • Unifying the School: The house system provides opportunities for students to work together from different tutor groups and year groups. It provides opportunities for team work and opportunities to reflect on how individuals contribute to a shared vision.


There are four houses named after eminent women


(Rosalind Franklin – scientist)



(George Eliot – novelist)



(Mary Seacole – nurse)



(Emmeline Pankhurst – suffragette)


In the pastoral system, students are personally supported and guided by staff, in order to develop into a well rounded and confident young woman.

In order for you to keep informed of events at Waldegrave we encourage you to:

  • access the weekly newsletter produced each Friday;
  • visit the school website;
  • follow the school on Twitter @WaldegaveSch

Should you need to contact any of the staff at Waldegrave please email, addressing your email to the staff member concerned. Otherwise, please call us on 020 8894 3244.

We look forward to hearing from you, and wish you and your daughter well.