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What can you do locally in your settings to promote safety for women and girls between now and 10 December for 16 Days of Activism? You can see what some London boroughs are doing here:


Once again it was busy in the kitchen as the Great Waldegrave Bake Off continues. The Y9 winners this week are Yasmin, Abi and Ellie! Congrats 👏🏻 Next to rise to the challenge will be Y8: Ready, Set, Bake! 🎂


Thinking about training to be a teacher? Join the Waldegrave Training Alliance!


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The 16 Days of Activism serve as a call to action and a reminder that the most prevalent type of human rights abuse in the world is violence against women and girls


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Show solidarity on final day of International Movement for the Elimination of Violence Against Women & Girls by joining White Ribbon Torch Walk, Teddington Dec 10 4.30 @ Landmark Arts Centre. Show those suffering they are not alone.


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If all men and boys committed to the White Ribbon qualitites, women and girls would feel supported and be free to thrive. ALLY CARING EMPATHETIC COURAGEOUS GENTLE RESILIENT RELIABLE HOPEFUL PRINCIPLED REFLECTIVE SUPPORTIVE


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Check out our updated advice and guidance about TikTok including new feature TikTok NOW:


Today is the start of 16 Days of Activism to End Gender Violence. This is a good reminder why the campaign exists


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Free for children and young people who qualify for benefits related free school meals! Grab your place now !


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Parental conflict post separation can feel hugely stressful. No Kids in the Middle group therapy can help. Sessions are being offered to families in London in 2023. Find out more


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We're SO excited Fiona's new book for parents is coming so soon! We know how much it's needed, and we know it will be such a help to anyone parenting through those (sometimes) tricky teenage years


A huge thank you to for giving ten of our selected Waldegrave rugby players an amazing training session last Friday. Not only that, but they got to meet the and have a Q&A session with them. 🏉#womeninrugby


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Join a White Ribbon Torch Walk taking next month, to make a stand against violence against women and girls. You can take part without registering so grab a torch, join us, show solidarity, and raise awareness. 📅 Sat 10 December 🕔 4.30pm 📍 Centre, Teddington


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Please come and show solidarity with the council and local groups working to combat violence against women and girls. White Ribbon Torch Walk Saturday 10th December in Teddington.


The Y10 Great Waldegrave Bake Off has come to an end and the results are in! The winning cake and our star bakers of the round goes to Paige, Phoebe & Gracie! In 2nd place was India & Jay and 3rd went to Emily & Ava. All bakers did a fantastic job, well done!


Wow - a jampacked University & Careers Insight day for Y12s! First lectures from , then speed networking with 20 professionals followed by LinkedIn workshop to create a professional profile. 🙏🙏to all who took part


Congratulations to our Y7/8 football team who won both their matches⁩ 6-0 this week against ⁦⁩ & ⁦⁩. Their teamwork & sportsmanship was impressive - they are yet to concede any goals! Well done!


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Following a separation, it is important to protect the relationship children have with both parents. No Kids in the Middle group therapy can help. Places are free or heavily subsidised. London-based families can apply here:


To commemorate Remembrance Day we reflected on sacrifices made in war & conflict followed by a live rendition of The Last Post & one minute silence. View the performances of The Last Post & A Flower Remembered: and


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Applications are open for our Year 10 & 12 STEM Futures programmes for students of Black heritage. Interested in STEM?! Find out more and apply here: Yr.10 apply by 6 Dec! Yr.12 apply by 21 Nov!

Women's Cricket World Cup 2022

Women's Cricket World Cup 2022


Are Women and Men Treated Equally In Sports? Do Sports Have a Gender? By Dila K


Women are unfortunately excluded from sports and still face prejudice. Even though they are really successful, they are discriminated against. Sexism in sports is still a problem today and there isn't much being done to fix this. As it is the women's international day week, it also overlaps the Women's cricket world cup, we wanted to raise awareness on this topic.


The 2022 ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup will be held in New Zealand in March to April this year. The tournament is going to be the twelfth edition of the Women’s Cricket World Cup. Last year it was scheduled from 6 February to 7 March 2021 but due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, it got postponed and now is scheduled to 4 March to 3 April 2022.3,560 Cricket World Cup Trophy Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty  Images

New Zealand, Australia, England, South Africa, India, Bangladesh, West Indies and Pakistan are the eight teams competing for the Women's Cricket World Cup in New Zealand.


The Women’s Cricket World cup has been around since June 1973. Their first tournament was held in England, and The World Cup is currently organised by the International Cricket Council. Australia has been the most              successful team throughout the years,data shows. 


Sexism and prejudice in Sports

The data also shows that women are really successful in cricket for more than 50 years, although cricket is considered a “manly” sport. Women's participation in sports increased throughout the years but unfortunately, there is still prejudice and sexism against women. 


  In your daily lives you can come across sentences such as “Football is for boys”,or “Girls can't play rugby”, and “Basketball is only for boys.” These are wrong statements because sports have no gender.13,610,308 Athletics Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images


  Every gender is allowed to play and be interested in every sport. When we seperate sports as men and women we disrespect each gender because we underestimate their abilities. Social standards are a big factor in women being underestimated too. If a woman is different from what the media expects them to be, they get excluded and disrespected.

Ethiopia's Gudaf Tsegay, Britain's Eilish McColgan, Japan's Nozomi Tanaka and Australia's Jenny Blundell compete in the women's 5000m heats during...

       There are lots of examples about how women are disrespected in sports. For example champion tennis player Serena Williams has been verbally attacked and was a victim of racism. Wrestler Ronda Rousey has been questioned about her sexuality constantly. Distance runner Caster Semenya has been forced to take a gender test and was the victim of numerous sexist remarks regarding her looks. These are just a few examples and they are only the side that the media shows us. 


We also have interviewed some students from Waldegrave School For Girls Sixth Form and some teachers from Waldegrave School PE Department. 

Tia B said that “A struggle women face when being involved in sports is that there’s lots of stereotyping and people think you won't be as good as men in sports.”


 A response we got from Megan P was “Women get fewer opportunities and it is more difficult if you want to be involved.”

 Their responses show us that they are aware that men and women aren't equal in sports,so we asked their opinions on why gender equality is important.


Emily H has responded “women and girls should have the same opportunities as men,especially competition-wise. Men and women get different titles.”


They all said that when women and men do the same sport,they have to get the same salary and same prize. 


We wanted a professional to answer our questions so we interviewed a PE teacher. She said “women struggle in equality of opportunity. For example airtime. The majority of the tv sport programmes are male and women do not get promoted in programmes. Some women also need to have a job besides being a sports woman to represent their country whilst some men earn millions of dollars just by doing the same sport.” 


We asked their opinions on how gender affects the ethics of sports.Their answer was really interesting.

“I suppose in terms of ethics of sports it's about being transparent, and there's no transparency between gender in sports. Unfortunately the governing bodies generally tend to be heavy with men. Women are not featured in the organisation.”


Lastly,we asked her how we can achieve gender equality in sports. She said “I think  they should raise the profile of women in sports. People need more access to women's sport on streaming channels like netflix or iplayer. Mainstream tv like BBC or Sky News. I think more exposure will narrow the gap. Equality of sponsorship and equality of pay too, of course.”



        As the Cricket Tournament is also overlapping the International Women’s Day,we should once again celebrate women and remember to include every gender in sports. This is because as mentioned before,sports have no gender.