Exam Results

Results for 2018 are currently being checked and some adjustments are likely. Further details will be published in due course. Some headlines are below.

A Level Results 2018

Great A level results this year, we are delighted again with the results that our students have achieved. 

Cumulative Results 2018 Results 2017 Results 2016 National
A* 13% 9% 15% 8%
A+ 43% 37% 40% 26%
B+ 78% 68% 75% 49%
C+ 95% 93% 92% 75%
D+ 99% 99% 99%  
E+ 100% 100% 100% 98%

This has been a challenging year with the Government imposed exam and curriculum reforms placing all members of the school under considerable additional pressure. All staff have worked extremely hard to ensure students were well prepared in the face of such constant, large-scale, change. In spite of the extra challenge our students have achieved excellent grades.  Results exceeded expectation and we are proud of students across the board and in many different subjects. 

The majority of students have taken up their first place offers at university and we are so proud of every one of them.  Seven of our students achieved grades to take up their places at Oxbridge.   Some students have also gained successful places for veterinary and medicine.

GCSE Examination Results 2018

We are delighted again this year by the success of our students, 89% of grades for the new style GCSEs were grade 4 and above (similar to grade C+) and 44% of grades were grade 7 and above (similar to grade A). Our students have attained 180 grade 9 (the highest possible) results and there are some real high flyers including Amber Futtit (9 grade 9s) and Emilie Howes (8 grade 9s). 

Results from 2018 cannot be compared to 2017 due to the introduction of the new GCSE examinations.

How do Waldegrave GCSE and A level compare to National results?

DfE Performance Tables - See how Waldegrave compares with other schools locally and nationally. Validated data for the 2018 cohort is likely to be available late in the autumn term.