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For we want to celebrate volunteers such as who is helping a student understand the world of journalism. With work experience cancelled, conversations around careers are more important than ever


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thank you for “Something inside so strong” this beautiful evening. Reminded me of this pre lockdown moment when chamber choir performed it . They were headed to Sweden to sing all together but it was cancelled😢 Glad ur back Amy 🤗


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We need everyone to help protect vulnerable children during the COVID-19 crisis. If you see or hear something that doesn’t sit right with you, please call the Kingston and Richmond Safeguarding Children Partnership on 020 8547 5008.


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Aged 18 or below? You can get help and advice by speaking to a counsellor online or on the phone at Childline. It’s free and confidential, meaning you can talk comfortably and about anything. Visit for online services or call 0800 1111.


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As many as 1 in 5 children and young people experience domestic abuse. Safeguarding children is everyone’s responsibility. If you see or hear something, report it by calling 020 8547 5008.


It’s in and this year’s theme is We would love to hear your stories of kindness in these difficult times


This week is and have shared some really useful suggestions for parents...


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If your child finds it difficult to talk about their feelings, here are some conversation starters that you can use.


Teacher of Mathematics, Waldegrave School, Richmond upon Thames


Teacher of Psychology and Sociology, Waldegrave School, Richmond upon Thames


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Click Photography's one-a-day project. Free daily assignments for Yr4-13. Wk6 Pics of the Week. Snappers from Join us @


You are very welcome!


Head of Mathematics, Waldegrave School, Richmond upon Thames


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DofE award supporting young people to complete their awards during this challenging time.


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And of course


Well done Lottie! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


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Check out our students on the website. This week, Head Girl Jessica has written about her experiences in the


A reminder of some the sources of support available


She was a truly remarkable woman and an unforgettable part of Waldegrave. Thank you for sharing this memory ❤️


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This beautiful moment from Waldegrave Chamber Choir in Sunday, competing in


The Waldegrave Art Department is a lively and exciting place. Students value the creative outlet and freedom that Art at Waldegrave allows, as well as appreciating our fantastic resources which enable them to realise ambitious and sophisticated artworks.

Art occupies a unique position in the school curriculum, providing students with the practical and conceptual skills to go on highly rewarding and creative personal journeys. A special language of self-expression and communication, it combines the intuitive, intellectual and emotional faculties.  Teaching students to think and act critically and creatively is central to our aims, as is fostering a sense of excitement and possibility, and facilitating works which students create with a sense of pride and achievement.  

In Years 7-9, pupils undertake two thematic projects each year. Each project is designed to provide an engaging stimulus for pupils to develop their practical skills.  A knowledge of art across a broad spectrum provides stimulus for pupils, inspiration being found in both contemporary and historical forms.

At GCSE, projects are teacher-led initially, becoming pupil-directed later. Pupils work through a process of recording information, developing a theme, experimenting with materials which results in a personal response where they use their own choice of media.  All of these processes are underpinned by contextual research.

At A level we offer both Art and Photography. Each year several students choose to undertake art-related further education and gain places on highly competitive art foundation and art and photography degree courses, as well as on art history and architecture courses.Visits to London and local art galleries and industry practitioner workshops inspire students throughout the year.

Not only do students students develop self discipline, resilience and self worth, the subject offers many transferable skills such as time management, working within a team, problem solving and idea development, all of which can be applied within many future career opportunities.

Art occupies a prominent place in the life of Waldegrave. Each year the Art and Photography Exhibition occupies public spaces within the school, celebrating students’ work outside the department. Other exhibitions and art competitions throughout the year create additional exciting platforms for our students to further enrich their experience.                    

Art Learning Plan