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Absolutely! Thanks Silvia for all your work with us this year 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


Students in Year 9 are watching presentations from their peers who have been working with and to learn about in order to


We are excited to be hosting Barracudas again this Easter and Summer. Visit or call 01480 467 567 to book


Congratulations to Philippa Nunn OBE! Awarded in New Years Honours 2020 for services to education. Philippa was headteacher at Waldegrave until January 2019. Well deserved, we are all so proud of her.


Year 10 making Christmas crystals 🎄#science


Year 7 getting in the Christmas mood. Great talent to enjoy in years to come 🎄😊#live music


The voices of angels 😇 music


Another Year another amazing Christmas Concert🎄😊#live music


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🎵


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Festive running club this morning. These girls are ready for their Christmas day park runs.


Have a headache? You need some synthesised aspirin. Year 13 hard at work


Year 11 testing for positive ions


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It was great to welcome 17 talented Upper Sixth students from and for mock Oxbridge interviews at Hampton School. Best of luck for the real thing 🤞


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Thank you very much for an inviting us! Students gave great feedback about learning the importance of body language and remaining composed, and were grateful for the opportunity to test their new skills with subject specialists in the mock interview.


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Spread The Word! Our annual PTA Christmas Tree sale Sat 7th Dec. Trees and delicious festive treats on sale, cash and card payments accepted. 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲


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Still places to fill - please spread the love.


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Our lovely volunteers from were back with us again today helping at our Men's Group with tea and musical accompaniment. Thank you so much for all your help.


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A big thank you to our wonderful volunteers from Waldergrave School for their help with our Men's Group - we were even offered an impromptu musical accompaniment on the piano today during tea break


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Looking forward to another great evening of comedy tomorrow night Nov 15th from and Bearcat Comedy Club. Come along and support the school, doors open 7pm for 8pm start. Bar available. Limited tickets on door.


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Getting ready for with ! 🎶🎤

Applications 2020

Applications for September 2020

Applications to Waldegrave Sixth Form have now closed. As we are heavily over-subscribed we are unable to accept any late applications.

To access your application please click on the following link:

We will hold three applicant interview dates.  These will take the form of an Information and Guidance meeting and will take place in November 2019, January and February 2020. Applicants will be invited to one of these days and must attend with a  parent/carer and bring their latest Grade marks.

You may find the following documents helpful:

Y12 OVERSUBSCRIPTION CRITERIA  The Oversubscription Criteria has changed for 2020 entry.




I only have Y10 predicted grades, not Y11 and I think I have done better.  Will this affect my application?


You need to input your predicted grades into the application.  This information is verified by your school and is used to give you relevant advice and guidance at your interview.  We are aware that some of you may not have received your Y11 mock results by the time you apply and this will be taken into account.  We ask that all candidates bring their latest results to their interview.

Am I in the catchment area?

For the Sixth Form, there is no 'catchment area' such as you may be used to when you applied for Year 7.  This is because there are a number of factors involved in determining whether an applicant is successful in gaining a place:

1. Meeting the minimum academic entry requirements     There are standard minimum grades needed to study A Levels, please see the Entrance Requirements for more information.  If you think you will not meet these grades you may wish to consider a BTEC Level 3.

2.  Distance from the school to your home.  Please read Criteria 4 of the Oversubscription criteria to determine where you fall in this category.

3.  Availability on the courses you wish to study.  We try to plan according to the data we receive from applicants to accommodate as many students as possible in the subjects they wish to study, but this is not always possible.  Therefore a student who lives close to the school may not gain a place as the courses they choose are full, and yet a student who lives some distance away does gain a place as the subjects they choose have availability when they arrive for the enrolment interview in August.

As a guide:

For entry September 2018 the furthest male came from 5.7 miles away and the furthest external female student came from 5.8 miles away. The route is by road not as the crow flies.

For entry September 2019 the furthest male came from 4.07 miles away and the furthest external female student came from 3.8 miles away. The route is by road not as the crow flies.   

All Waldegrave girls who met the entry requirements and who wished to study in the Sixth form gained a place.

This will change year on year depending on the applicants. We cannot guarantee a place.  Please click here for the Oversubscription Criteria.

I have applied, what happens next?

Advice and Guidance interviews will take place between November 2019 and March 2020.

How will I receive communications?

You will receive communications via ULAS to the email address you supplied in your application.  Please make sure you use one that you monitor regularly. You may prefer to use your parent's.

When will I find out if I have got a Conditional place?

All offers must be accepted or declined by 23:59hrs Sunday 19 April 2020 via ULAS only.   You will be sent an offer with the conditions explained.

What if my application is declined?

If your application is declined that means that we are not able to offer you a place.  In most cases this will be because your school reference indicates that you are not yet ready for A Level study. We are a comprehensive school and are not selective however we do set our minimum entry requirement inline with the national benchmark.  Please see the Entrance Requirements.

As well as sending a decline message through ULAS we will usually inform your school and make suggestions as to your next steps.

I've been given a Conditional Offer - does that mean I am guaranteed a place at Waldegrave Sixth Form?

We cannot guarantee a student a place at Waldegrave Sixth Form until we know what grades they have achieved and if there is space on the course. This will take place on GCSE Results day – Thursday 20 August 2020.  

You must always apply to at least 3 college or school sixth forms and hold those places open until you have completed Enrolment on GCSE Results day.

It is likely that we will be oversubscribed again this year.  If this is the case we will implement our Oversubscription Criteria 

What happens on Enrolment Day?

Enrolment Day will take place on GCSE Results day – Thursday 20 August 2020.  Applicants must download an Enrolment Pack which contains important documents and the time to attend for their enrolment interview according to our Oversubscription Criteria.  You will be notified when the pack is ready.

We strongly suggest that you attend your Enrolment interview in person with a parent or carer and do not book holidays over this period.



Page Downloads Date  
Applicant Agreement Form 2020 14th Jan 2020 Download
Oversubscription Criteria 2020-2021 14th Jan 2020 Download