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Retweetd From YoungMinds

If your teenager is struggling with their mental health, here are four things you can do.


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RB Mind’s Helpline offers a confidential listening service for anyone over 18 living in Richmond. We offer a safe place where you can speak to someone who will listen, offer you support and guide you to further help if needed. Find all the details at


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has released significant privacy updates for it's younger users, but will they work❓Find out in our new article - available here 👉


Retweetd From Victoria Derbyshire

From today, those experiencing domestic abuse will be able to go into a Boots or indie chemist & seek help. If they say the codeword ‘ANI’ they’ll be taken to a private room & asked if they want to call 999 or domestic abuse helpline. ANI stands for Action Needed Immediately


Retweetd From YoungMinds

Services that can help you get through lockdown if you need support.


We have a session set up with a survivor, in collaboration with the lovely people at Richmond Synagogue, so they can share their experiences with our students


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The pupils launching onto today with will experience university-style learning and develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to go on to, and excel at, highly-selective universities. See what some pupils will be studying below!


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Are you struggling or finding things difficult during lockdown? Reach out to where you can find support, advice or just someone to talk to. It’s a free, anonymous 👥 online service and there for you when you need it 💻. 👉Get in touch


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Kooth is offering support in Kingston and Richmond: find out more


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Want to improve your wellbeing? Do it ! The project combines creative activity, light touch art therapy and positive psychology to enhance mood and improve emotional wellbeing. NO NEED TO BE GOOD AT ART! Email for bookings and information


Thank you. This is so kind 😊


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I’d like to praise and for the provision of work, their incredible support and for all of their hard work not only during the pandemic, but always.


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Hollie McNish had a good point over on Instagram. That if you or your kids are stressed by the idea of 'lockdown' and 'isolation' reframe the concept as 'hibernation' which makes it sound more fun and squirrelish.


Retweetd From Thrive LDN

Young Londoners, if you need support there are people and services who are ready to help: 💻 - support for under 25s 🖱️ - digital wellbeing tools 📲 - text YM to 85258 📞 - call 0800 1111 Remember, we'll get through this together.


Retweetd From Munira Wilson MP

*CALLING ALL HEALTH & CARE STAFF* 📢 I'm very concerned about the mental health of health & care staff working on the frontline. I'm hearing that many are feeling exhausted & burnt out, particularly as hospitals become overwhelmed. I want to hear from you 👂 (1/2)


Retweetd From Kingston & Richmond Youth Council

What are you taking up for ? What targets have you set for yourself? Here’s one idea.. Start reading again (We know it’s been a while😂) Young people: you could start reading around your subjects and figuring out your interests for the future!📚📚


Retweetd From Colin Tucker CMgr FCMI

Just found out that Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams can be accessed via and consoles. So remote learning can be accessed via these platforms. Spread the word! Makes access to resources even easier!


Retweetd From Matt Haig

Get up. Get a routine. Get outside when you can. Move more. Focus on the day in front of you. (Not the month or year.) Don't live inside hypothetical catastrophes. Focus on what you can control. Even if it is your breathing. Don't beat yourself up for not baking banana bread.


Retweetd From YoungMinds

It’s okay to feel how you’re feeling right now. If you’re feeling worried, sad, frustrated or anything else about being in another lockdown, they’re all normal emotional responses to what’s happening. Be gentle with yourself. Text YM to 85258 for free mental health support.

Virtual Sixth Form Open Evening

We are very proud of our sixth form community and always look forward to our open evening as an opportunity to showcase our fantastic staff and specialist facilities, whilst also meeting our next generation of students for the first time.

The event would ordinarily allow families to explore the sixth form building, meeting staff and student ambassadors of the subjects they are interested in studying at A Level, before listening to a brief talk from the Head of Sixth Form outlining how the application process works.

Unfortunately, the current situation prevents us from inviting you onto the school site in person. However, we have instead created a range of pre-recorded video material, which we hope will provide a flavour of what makes Waldegrave Sixth Form so special.


Virtual Sixth Form Open Evening: Introductory Briefing


Art: Introduction to A Level

Biology: Introduction to A Level

Chemistry: Introduction to A Level

Drama: Introduction to A Level

Economics: Introduction to A Level

English Literature: Introduction to A Level

French: Introduction to A Level

Fashion & Textiles: Introduction to A Level

Further Maths: Introduction to A Level

Geography: Introduction to A Level

German: Introduction to A Level

History: Introduction to A Level

Maths: Introduction to A Level

Media Studies: Introduction to A Level

Music: Introduction to A level

PE: Introduction to A Level

Photography: Introduction to A Level

Physics: Introduction to A Level

Psychology: Introduction to A Level

RS: Introduction to A Level

Sociology: Introduction to A Level

Spanish: Introduction to A Level