The House System

The aims of the system are to promote:
Participation There are many ways for students to participate. For example: through leading within a house/form class; collecting and logging house points, taking part in competitions or contributing to an event on sports day.
Responsibility The organisation around house activities creates opportunities for students to take on responsibility. Taking responsibility builds self-confidence and develops leadership skills. Opportunities include: planning events; planning assemblies; preparing notice boards and Fronter pages; motivating others to participate; leading a team to achieve a common goal.
Unifying the School The house system provides opportunities for students to work together from different tutor groups and year groups. It provides opportunities for team work and opportunities to reflect on how individuals contribute to a shared vision.

The House Team






Director of House

Mrs Cassels

Ms Chippindale

Ms Moore

Mr Farrar

Heads of House

Ms Robb

Ms Byrne

Mr Greaves

Mrs Jones

Deputy Head of House

Mr Fraser

Mr Duncan

Ms Bashford

Mrs Havord

 The four houses are made up of eminent women:

 Franklin  (Rosalind Franklin - scientist)  Red
 Eliot (George Eliot - novelist) Green
 Seacole (Mary Seacole - nurse) Yellow
 Pankhurst (Emmeline Pankhurst - suffragette) Purple