Year 7

In Term 1, after a short unit to introduce students to the reasons why we study history and the key skills of the National Curriculum, students study The Roman Empire as their European study before 1914. In Terms 2 and 3, we start our study of Britain 1066-1500. This includes a detailed study of The Norman Conquest and its impact and a personal enquiry into the Black Death.  The main text book is Think History! Changing Times 1066-1500 published by Heinemann.

Year 8

In Terms 1 and 2 all students study Britain 1500-1750. This includes a study of religious and political changes under the Tudors and the Stuarts. In the first term, all students visit Hampton Court Palace and produce a personal enquiry, before going on to look at the detailed causes and events of the English Civil War. In Term 3, we study a unit on African Peoples of the Americas as a World Study before 1900.  The main text book is Think History! Revolutionary Times 1500-1750 published by Heinemann.

Year 9

In Term 1 we study Britain 1750-1900. This includes the development of the Railway and its effect on the local area, as well as the impact of Empire on Britain and the Indian sub-continent and the changing role of women. In Terms 2 and 3 we begin work for the final unit, a world study after 1900. This includes a detailed study of the First World War and the changing role and status of women. We then look at the rise of the dictators and the Second World War. Finally we look at the aftermath of these events, in particular the Cold War.  The main text book is Think History!, Modern Times 1750-1900 published by Heinemann

Year 10

In Year 10 students follow Edexcel Syllabus B.  The topics covered include Medicine and Health through time and a study on Germany 1918-45.  Texts books are issued to all students in each topic.

Year 11

The topics covered include 19th and 20th century Medicine and Surgery. Students also complete a Controlled Assessment task on the USA 1945-1970. Students sit 3 final exams in the summer term on Medicine; Surgery and Germany.