Waldegrave has successfully established a partnership with a secondary school, Madogo, in Garissa, Kenya. The partnership has been awarded grants from the British Council to fund a teacher exchange and to share and exchange cultural and educational ideas and values.

Our Vision for the Global Partnership is to improve academic excellence and give greater understanding and respect for our cultures and traditions.

Madogo is a 14-19 mixed secondary school near Garissa, in North East Kenya. It serves a rural community, the Munyoyama people, who are mostly small farmers. The students learn in Swahili and English, following a curriculum familiar to us and Mr N’gang’a, the Headeacher, is keen to exchange classroom practice and work towards joint projects.

Educational objectives:

Waldegrave and Madogo Schools to work together to raise achievement by:

• enhancing student learning
• sharing administrative procedures
• developing student participation
• developing professional skills by teachers and support staff
• sharing good practice

Values and principles:

Values and principles are mutual:
I strive to succeed (Madogo)
Every student should enjoy learning, experience success and develop full potential (Waldegrave)

TAS, Trusts for African Schools, headed by Gill Marshall-Andrews, has been instrumental in making the partnership work, by co-ordinating links, delivering and negotiating. Our thanks to Gill for her assistance and we look forward to a fruitful partnership.

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