Start of Term Arrangements Y12

Dear Student

Welcome to Waldegrave Sixth Form and congratulations on successfully enrolling with us. We are looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday 5 September 2018 for your first day of term.

  1. School starts at 8.45am on Wednesday 5 September 2018. Please come to the Hall by 8.30am where you will be met by your Head of Year and tutor.
  2. You will be dismissed at 11.30am on the first day only.
  3. Please arrive in full DRESS CODE with basic stationary equipment.  Subjects will advise you about what else you need to purchase in the first lesson.
  4. Thursday 6 September – You need to register in the Sixth Form study base during break time 11.05 – 11.25am. You will be taking part in your work experience induction.  The school day will finish at approximately 3pm.
  5. Friday 7 September – normal school day, registration is at 8.45am.  You will not be in lessons but will take part in UCAS and Enrichment workshops in the morning. Further details will be given to you via your tutors and Head of Year.  In the afternoon we have our first Sixth Form social where Y12 & Y13 students can meet.  The school day finishes at 2.40pm
  6. There will be a number of induction activities for Y12 during this first week. There will be a charge of £4 for these activities.  Please bring money with you on the first day and be prepared.
  7. Monday 10 September – A Level teaching begins.  Normal school day, please register at 8.45am.

Examples of appropriate clothing might include:

  • Smart dress, trousers, jackets, shirts, polo shirts, skirts, blouses, smart T-shirts or knitwear, leggings under a tunic, jewellery, boots. Non-branded back trainers.


Examples of inappropriate clothing might include:

  • Beach wear, miniskirts, lycra cycling shorts or leggings on their own, loose hanging trousers, leisure shorts, “see-through” blouses/dresses/ shirts, tracksuits (unless you are doing sport), denim jeans or jackets(black is ok), clothing with tears, holes and rips, low-cut T shirts or blouses, shoestring strapped tops (unless under a blouse), crop-tops, off the shoulder tops, onesies, hoodies.
  • Extremes of fashion, jewellery, hair and nails.
  • Plimsolls/converse/scruffy shoes/flip flops/open backed sandals/white trainers/Vans
  • Students are not permitted to wear facial studs.


Best wishes

Mrs F Gonzalez

Head of Sixth Form