Staff List

Staff & Partnerships

The school has a staff of 107 full and part time teachers, 20 technicians and curriculum support staff, 21 administrative staff and 3 premises staff. School lunches, grounds maintenance and cleaning are provided through competitive contracting. There is a strong commitment to training and professional development, and the work-life balance and well being of all staff.

The staff work in partnership with primary schools and post 16 providers, and have established links with teacher training institutions through our work as a Teaching School. We are pleased to act as host for Richmond Music Trust activities on Saturday mornings and to be able to provide a rehearsal venue for the Richmond Youth Symphony Orchestra and the Richmond Youth Concert Band.

Waldegrave School became a National Support School (NSS) in July 2011. National Support Schools can support improvement in other schools and are invited to provide expert advice to ministers on future development strategies.

Staff Contact Information

The names of key contacts are given below. All staff can be contacted via mail box or via the school office on 020 8894 3244.

Leadership Team  
Headteacher Ms E Tongue
Senior Deputy Headteacher Mrs M Cassels
Deputy Headteacher Mrs K Page
Assistant Headteacher, Head of Key Stage 4 Mr D Sharp
Assistant Headteacher, Head of Key Stage 3 Mr A Isted
Assistant Headteacher, Head of Key Stage 5 Mrs F Gonzalez
Assistant Headteacher, Enjoyment & Welfare Ms S Moore
Assistant Headteacher, Inclusion & SEND Ms W Minns
Assistant Headteacher, Timetable Ms N Offord
Business Manager Ms E Bloxham
Pastoral Care  
Head of Year 7 Mr P Greaves
Head of Year 8 Ms H Granat
Head of Year 9 Ms M Larsson
Head of Year 10 Ms H Shires
Head of Year 11 Mrs J Bashford-Hynes
Head of Year 12 Mr J Bannister
Head of Year 13 Ms R Pugh
Heads of Subject  
Art Ms H Jamieson
Design Technology Mrs N Davies
Drama Mrs C Clarke
Economics Mr S Rusk
English Ms C Hetherington
Geography Ms R Flanigan
History Mr N Drew
Inclusion Ms E Salsbury (SENCO)
Information Technology Mrs J Green
Modern Languages Mrs S Mullan
Performing Arts & Music Ms C O'Brien
Physical Education Ms C Pipe
Religious Education Mrs A Murphy
Science Ms N Bechirian
Social Science Ms S Calverley
Support Staff  
Mrs C Richardson Curriculum Services Manager
Mrs D Park Data Manager
Mrs T de Rose Examinations Officer
Mrs S East Finance Office4r
Mrs K Bamford Headteacher's PA
Mr C Keywood IT Head of Operations
Mr D Cooper Senior Caretaker
Mrs N Evered / Mrs L Ridgley Sixth Form Student Officers
Mrs N Hogan-Araujo Student Services Manager