Nelson Primary School is an academy within The Waldegrave Trust.

Nelson Primary School converted to academy status within the Waldegrave Trust on 1 January 2014.

Governors believe that we will benefit from more detailed understanding of the current and future primary curriculum to improve student transition into Waldegrave from our wide range of primary school feeders. Our staff will benefit from joint training and development opportunities, and as a school we are already refining and improving our approach to leadership and governance through the experience we are gaining at Nelson.

All of these incremental benefits contribute to our process of continual improvement and professional development, which is how we recruit and retain outstanding staff. As a Teaching School we have the capacity and purpose to support other schools within our existing staffing structure, and we are aware of Government’s expectation that we should support Nelson in this way. I want to reassure parents that the sponsorship of Nelson will not distract the leadership team from their focus on the success of students at Waldegrave.

As headteacher I believe that our work with Nelson will help Waldegrave continue to flourish at a time when education is experiencing significant change.  We look forward to the partnership developing to benefit both schools.

Philippa Nunn

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